Edengate: The Edge of Life Emerging Next Month

HOOK, the indie label of video game publisher Digital Bros, announced Edengate: The Edge of Life during the Tokyo Games Show. The dark narrative adventure will come to PCs (Steam), PlayStation 4s, and Xbox One consoles on October 25, just in time for Halloween. A teaser trailer on the HOOK official channel accompanied the announcement. The price at launch will be £5.19, $6.99, and €6.99, with some variation depending on your chosen storefront and region.

Mia is a young, promising biologist. She awakes in an abandoned hospital with no idea how she got there. All alone, she attempts to figure out what happened to her while she was unconscious, and what caused the desertion of the city of Edengate. Edengate: The Edge of Life combines exploration, investigation, puzzle solving, and decision making into an emotional journey that will reveal what led up to Mia’s awakening. Award-winning writer Matthew Seiji Burns (Eliza) wrote the narrative for Edengate, the game accompanied by a soundtrack courtesy of Laryssa Okada (Manifold Garden).

Edengate: The Edge of Life screenshot
Mia explores a dilapidated, crumbling building in Edengate: The Edge of Life.

The conceptualization and development of Edengate took place during some of the most difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its desolate atmosphere brings to mind the weeks of empty, deserted roads and silent apprehension that settled over the globe. The team drew on their sensations of fear, isolation, and uncertainty for the future and hopes to convey these emotions through the emotional narrative and gameplay.

HOOK is a subsidiary of Digital Bros, the label focusing on offering unique indie games with standout concepts, visuals, themes, and genres. HOOK also provides full-service publishing support, including funding, dev support, QA, localization, marketing, and PR to dedicated development teams so that they can realize their dream projects and market to a global audience.