Audio-Only Adventure The Vale Releases Free Demo

As part of the Xbox Summer Fest Demo Event, there is a demo completely unlike the rest. Created by Falling Squirrel, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is now available for you to see for yourself. Or rather, hear for yourself.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is a game that is completely played with audio. In it you play as the second-born child to the recently deceased king, blind from birth. While traveling to your new home, your convoy is attacked by an invading army. Separated from your allies, you must quickly learn to survive in this harsh world without the benefit of sight.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is fully playable without any visuals. Just because this is a game without anything to look at, doesn’t mean you are limited in your options. You will learn to fight, ,cast magic, travel, and engage with NPCs, all while blind. The Vale is one of the few games playable by the un-sighted community, but that doesn’t mean an able-eyed person cant enjoy this immersive experience too.

Dread XP actually had Flying Squirrel as guests on the podcast to discuss The Vale. You can listen to it by clicking here. And to try the demo out for yourself, click the link here.

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