Undying Trailer Shows That The Real Horror Of A Zombie Apocalypse Is About Family

It’s easy to forget that often horror does not have to come from the ghoulies and ghosties. Publisher Skystone Games announced that the studio Vanimals has an upcoming game called Undying, no relation to Clive Barker’s Undying. It’s a survival horror zombie game that focuses on scavenging for supplies and managing resources, but it has a twist. 

Undying is a zombie game unlike most. The game features Anling, a mother who has been infected with the zombie plague, and her son Cody. Anling has precious little time left on this earth as a human, and more importantly, as a mother in the midst of a crisis. With her last days alive, she must not only protect her son, but also teach Cody how to survive on his own. Anyone who played the first The Walking Dead Telltale game knows that this will be an extremely emotionally difficult journey, which is why I think it has so much potential. 

The gameplay and visuals of Undying alone would make it an interesting enough game. A somewhat isometric zombie game in a stylized low-poly world harkens back to the survival horror days of old such as Resident Evil. But in similar fashion to The Walking Dead, the trailer suggests that the zombies are not the main danger to be found. The trailer ends with a scene showing another survivor pointing a shotgun at a child. They say man is the real monster or whatever blah blah blah. 

Undying will be coming to early access on Steam sometime Q1 of 2020. You can check out the game on their Steam page here, or you can check out the website here.

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