Frictional Games Releases More Teases For Next Title

Well, that was fast. It was just yesterday that I was posting about the newest teaser for the still unnamed new frictional game. While the teaser video was named, “I am Tasi,” it’s important to note that this was just the video title for a “new game teaser.” I mentioned in that article that I had no idea who or what Tasi could be, as I am still swamped with my post-PAX work. Not like Frictional is giving me any time to figure it out, anyways. Just two days after posting, we get two more teases from Frictional.

The first new set of teases came yesterday, which were actually just reposts of last month’s secret videos. These two videos could previously be found on YouTube by typing in video links pieced together from various enigmatic sources on the nextfrictionalgame.com website. It’s all very ARG style detective sleuthing. I had come to the conclusion that the clues all pointed to the game not being SOMA 2, a claim which subsequent reveals seem to back up. Just click the link here to read why, then this link here for more of why.

The Frictional team is at it again, with a series of tweets just as enigmatic as the first few videos. Yesterday, they released the previous two videos onto their Twitter (meaning you don’t have to hunt around for links anymore). This morning, they released two new videos to further build the mystery. The first appears to be footage of a man recovering a box buried under rubble in a cave:

After opening the box, the man pulls a letter out. Don’t worry, you won’t have to zoom and enhance to read it. Their next tweet was the following image of the letter:

Reading the note doesn’t give much of a hint, aside from the fact that the writer has a pretty bad case of mind-worms. Maybe they’re making a sequel/prequel to Resident Evil 4. Now that would be something. All the people complaining that RE4 wasn’t “horror” can finally have their fill. A man can dream. The second video isn’t much more enlightening:

I’m no expert, but I think they are speaking French. Someone more cultured than I will have to give you a translation. Regardless, the mystery still grows. One thing to note is that all of the dates on the videos are different. The original teaser “Video Cassette” is labeled as 16/2/83, with the two new videos bearing the dates 12/5/2018 and 12/2/20013 respectively. Curiously, the “Tripple Crown” video is labeled 1/7/115. Whether this is some kind of classification or an indication that the video was taken in 2115 is unclear.

As with all the rest of this, I’m sure there are plenty of clues hidden throughout. If you find any, let me know in the comments!

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