Resident Evil 7 Is Getting A Prequel, And You’ll Probably Never Play It

No, I’m not being snarky. This isn’t one of those, “gamers don’t know what’s good anymore,” rants. Resident Evil 7 is getting a prequel. You want to play it. We all want to play it. But unless you live in Japan, chances are you never will.

Releasing on October 26th, Biohazard 7: Walkthrough The Fear is launching for arcade VR-X systems. This will only be available at a select few locations, first of which is The Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro. Locations beyond that have yet to be disclosed. So unless you visit that one specific spot, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get to play it. Better save up for your plane tickets and intro to Japanese classes.

What little we do know about Walkthrough The Fear is pretty dope. A multiplayer experience, you and three other players take the role of Jack Baker’s victims. Waking up in the basement of a large mansion, you’ll have to work together to try to escape. Meanwhile, Jack will do his best to make sure you don’t. You’ll scavenge items, find weapons, all the basic Resident Evil stuff. The game will take a whopping 40 minutes to complete, so if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth checking out.

So, why arcade VR-X? Will this ever come to PC? Will this ever come to arcades outside of Japan? Who the hell knows. At this point, I feel like Capcom is run by the Pachinko machines that Konami now makes instead of games. You drop an IP into the slot, and what comes out is more out of random chance than anything. But unlike Konami, I generally like what comes out the other end. So good on you Capcom for keeping the industry sufficiently exciting and weird.

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