Silent Hill Transmission Brings Joy, Terror

While perhaps the biggest announcement to grace today’s Silent Hill Transmission was the remake for Silent Hill 2, the showcase also depicted a number of other projects in the IP’s pipeline. If you stopped watching after that because it was the first thing, you missed some intriguing stuff. Look forward to hearing more about these projects in the near future!

Second after the interviews and trailer for the Silent Hill 2 remake is Annapurna Interactive and No Code’s Silent Hill Townfall. A voice emits from a radio suggesting that they are trapped and judged by a group of people, but that the implied protagonist has done something more heinous. They don’t seem to want to be anywhere near them when the person on the other line finds out why they’re really here. Creative Director at No Code Jon McKellan stated that “It’s a real honor for us to bring a new title to this series that both respects the source material, but also does something a little bit different with it.” McKellan implied that there will be an update on development sometime next year.

Silent Hill Transmission Silent Hill Townfall Radio
The other voice on the radio doesn’t want much of anything to do with you, probably because you carpeted your kitchen or something equally horrible.

After Townfall came an announcement for Return to Silent HIll. Christophe Gans will return to direct the film, which will be an adaptation of Silent Hill 2. Victor Hadida will produce. They’ve pledged to uphold the source material, bringing Konami into the fold.

Following the film announcement, the team announced new merch. This includes skateboards, shirts, hats, a Mira the Dog plush, and a number of models, including everyone’s favorite Red Pyramid Thing at 1/6 scale.

In addition to Red Pyramid Thing, look out for Silent Hill Ascension, going live next year. Not much else is known at this point in time, save that Behavior is involved and that it is a “live, real-time interactive series.” Audiences can change the outcome of situations and even appear in scenes. You can sign up for updates on its official site.

Silent Hill Transmission Silent Hill F doll
The upcoming Silent Hill f offered a stunning trailer in the Transmission.

Closing out the Silent Hill Transmission was a trailer for an upcoming project called Silent Hill f. Tense piano music accompanies the trailer, perhaps in reference to the musical term forte (loud). The setting initially looks more like something out of Fatal Frame with the use of Japanese dolls and architecture. Strange crimson tendrils ensnare a young woman as she attempts to run away, but fails. Flowers bloom out of her as she rises from the ground only to have her face slough off.

As always, many of these projects are in development and subject to change. There’s quite a variety brewing, so look forward to hearing more about them in the near future.