Eat the (Furry) Rich in Turn-Based Slasher RPG Blue Blood

If you’re going to go to a rich people’s gala, you better be ready to eat. In Blue Blood you’ll be eating. Eating the rich specifically. Always a good time.

Putting you in the role of Countess Karolina Baumgartner, you arrive at the Scarlet Ball. Unlike most parties, where the goal is to have fun, socialize, and enjoy yourself, the Scarlet Ball instead has a bunch of rich people get together to murder and eat each other. You know, as rich people tend to do. Karolina has made it her goal to infiltrate the ball and kill Lady Elaine Smythe, the woman who runs the event. Of course, this means getting through hungry rich people.

Or, rather, hungry rich animals. The game’s variety of rich people are all anthropomorphic animals, and it seems like they’re looking to get in touch with their more animalistic side. As such, you may need to fight them. Combat is like a turn-based RPG, with you taking control of Karolina as she has to do battle with the other rich people. Should she happen to win the battles at least she’ll have a nice victory meal to celebrate with.

You can nab Blue Blood right now on itch.io if you’re feeling hungry.

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