Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Working To Make The Remaster Fans Deserve

The Silent Hill HD Collection has reached legendary status for how bad it is. Despite being released almost 10 years after the games it was remastering, it somehow managed to look worse than the originals. Particularly rancid was the remastering of Silent Hill 2. They inexplicably eliminated the fog effect, which delivered a one-two punch of gutting most of the tension and revealing the limitations of the engine.

Fans have been clamoring for a proper Silent Hill 2 remastering for ages. With the recent success of remasterings like Resident Evil 2, the appetites of the hungry masses have only grown. However, with Konami making the controversial call to kill Silent Hills and refocus on Pachinko machines, gamers might never get to see this obvious win. So it’s once again up to the fans to pick up the slack and deliver on the games those pesky contracts and licensing deals would otherwise squash.

The heroes of today’s story are the brave people over at Town of Silent Hill. A collection of dedicated fans, the team has been working on a remastering of the PC version of Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams. Called the Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition, this mod does so much more than make the game prettier. I mean, sure, it does make the game way prettier. But it also fixes bugs, restores many special effects, and even adds details the original developers mentioned they didn’t have time to add. It’s an impressive feat, and if you watch the video above you can get a taste of just how much work went into it.

So if you want your PC version of Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams to be the best it can be, head on over to the Enhanced Edition download page by clicking here. If you need a copy of the original game on PC, some might call it abandonware. Shouldn’t be too hard to google and find out what that means.

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