Playable StarCraft Ghost Build Haunting The Web

It seems like Blizzard didn’t work all their banishment rituals on the fabled StarCraft Ghost. Originally announced all the way back in 2002, the game sat in development hell for ages. Put on indefinite hold in 2006, it was officially cancelled back in 2012. And yet, despite being deader than a joke about airline food, a playable version has leaked its way onto the web.

The news broke with a tweet from Andrew Borman, who has since explicitly stated that the leak does not come from him. Check it out:

Since then, other screenshots and even gameplay footage has popped up. But it seems that Blizzard Activision are taking their banishment rituals seriously this time. A 13-minute video of StarCraft Ghost was uploaded by user Leers Meneses, which has since been taken down. Like, the entire channel is now gone. Other footage still currently exists courtesy of user Delso Bezerra, which you can play below. Give it a look before it also potentially gets taken down:

The StarCraft Ghost footage reportedly comes from a leaked devkit of the Xbox version of the game, which is understandably in an unfinished state. According to the people who have it, the first two missions aren’t even working. Still, if you want to give it a shot for yourself, you might be able to find it if you dig hard enough. Kotaku reports that a Twitter user by the name of DaysAfterRodeo contacted them with a link to the build, so sleuth around to find a link. Having watched the footage, I’m content to just let this ghost stay dead.

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