RB: Axolotl Has You Survive Another Dimension, but As Weird Fish

Recently I learned about the Axolotl, an amphibian that is also known as the Mexican Walking Fish. It’s pretty hilarious and adorable and I want to be friends with it. I’d rather not be an axolotl though. Despite this, I do want to play RB: Axolotl, a recently released horror visual novel that tells the story of five of these little creatures.

The game starts with the aforementioned five Axolotl finding themselves suddenly appearing inside of a mysterious environment. They have no clue how they got there, who they are, or what the purpose of this realm is. However they are sure of one thing: there is a terrifying god watching over them. Named RB, the five axolotl know they need to escape their prison and find a way to deal with RB before it… does whatever it’s planning to do to them.

You’ll do so in visual novel format, getting to see the stories of each of the Axolotl as they try to live together and survive. Thankfully they quickly develop the ability to communicate with each other, and each of them have their own unique personality traits and tics. They also all have some unique obsession, something that they may give up their friends to get. Hopefully they can manage to not murder each other long enough to go free and get their lives back. Assuming they had more lives besides this.

If RB: Axolotl sounds like your game, good news, it’s available to purchase on Steam right now. If you’re not sure, there’s also a free demo.

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