Zombie Army 4: Dead War Unveils Post-Launch DLC Content

My opinion on the current trend of post-launch DLC is split. On the one hand, you don’t want games to release as partial products. Full price should mean full experience. I know many studios use different teams to work on DLC (the Total War franchise is a good example). Even so, announcements of DLC before release leave you with the feeling that the actual price tag is whatever the Deluxe Edition is retailing for. That being said, it feels weird when a modern game doesn’t have DLC. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been out for almost a year with no announcements of additional content. I’m not saying Sekrio needs DLC. I’m just hungry for more.

It’s also worth factoring in that some games lend themselves to DLC better than others. I’m currently rushing through The Surge 2 again to try and get to the DLC that comes about 70% of the way into the game (thanks Deck 13!). Multiplayer games are the best candidate for new stuff, as keeping the experience fresh is integral to building a consistent player base. So I think it’s safe to say that Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a prime candidate for a Season Pass.

As the trailer above shoes, Rebellion Games is right there with me on this. Announced today, the Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season Pass comes with a whole host of new content. Here’s a brief list:

  • 3 new campaign missions
  • 4 character packs, featuring playable characters that can be used in any mode
  • 9 weapon bundles including new weapons, charms, skins and more
  • 5 weapon skin packs to customize your arsenal with
  • 4 character outfit bundles, featuring new outfits and hats!

The new campaign is called, “Hell Cult,” which I am assuming is about a hell cult. Also seen in the trailer is a new type of vampiric enemy. Not Dracula vampires. Think Warhammer‘s Vargheists. Here, just look:

The announcement also comes with the promise that Rebellion will constantly update Zombie Army 4: Dead War‘s horde mode with free maps. If you want to get access to everything, the Season Pass comes included in the Zombie Army 4: Dead War Super Deluxe Edition. If you’re a PC gamer like me, you can pick it up on the Epic Games Store for $80. The game drops February 4th on PC, Xbox One, and PC.

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