Lightmatter Is A Puzzle Game That Mixes Portal, Darkness Falls, And The Floor Is Lava

Does anyone remember that surge of “science gone mad” puzzle games? It all started with Portal, but led to games like The Turing Test, Quantum Conundrum, The Talos Principle, Event[0], etc. It was a glorious, if somewhat clumsy time for video game storytelling. Indie developers were free to explore their favorite theory from their freshman philosophy class, usually through the lens of a lonely computer. While it wouldn’t serve as any kind of master’s thesis, it was a great way for gamers to be introduced to new ideas they might otherwise never be exposed to. Plus, solving physics puzzles while an evil AI mocks you is always a hoot.

Lightmatter is a new puzzle game that continues this proud tradition. The science going mad this time around is an evil shadow that devours organic material. This evil shadow also threatens to tear the universe apart, atom by atom. You play as some person (or maybe a lonely robot, idk) that enters the abandoned research facility to try and stop this from happening. Thanks, faceless protagonist. We organic matter lifeforms greatly appreciate it.

As shadows are the bad guy, Lightmatter tasks you with using light to preserve your matter. You’ll utilize flashlights, directed beams, and other light sources to solve puzzles and progress. I’d be willing to bet there are also quite a few timing puzzles. I envision a rotating light that has to be followed or a flickering bulb you must quickly jump through.

Chances are that Lightmatter will explore some pretty… DARK themes. The email they sent me states the game explores themes of megalomania, journalistic integrity, and scientific ethics. The tagline is also, “how much will you sacrifice today for a brighter tomorrow.” So yeah, expect some philosophy in here.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out what’s in store for us with Lightmatter. The game is coming out on January 15th on Steam for $19.99. If $19.99 sounds too steep for you, worry not. Developer Tunnel Vision Games is releasing the first hour of the game as a free demo. So try it out, and see if it’s your thing. If nothing else, you can help inflate an indie studio’s play statistic. Isn’t exploring the deeper themes of capitalism grand?

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