Unfortunate Spacemen Is John Carpenter’s The Thing In Multiplayer Form

I think we can all agree that space sucks. Other than maybe like, a volcano, there really isn’t anywhere less hospitable to human life. Even more so if shape-shifting man-eating paranoia-inducing creatures were thrown into the mix. Thankfully, the folks at New Blood have released Unfortunate Spacemen, a fun multiplayer game that lets you experience all this hypothetical and actual space horror. 

In Unfortunate Spacemen, you play as one of several Spacemen in an Unfortunate situation. While waiting to be rescued from their failing outpost, a shapeshifting monster has snuck into the group. Perfectly mimicking the other spacemen, the shapeshifter uses trickery and betrayal to lure the others into a false sense of security and a real sense of paranoia. 

With 16 players total—15 spacemen, one space monster—in each game, it’s impossible to let your guard down for a second while you suss out who is human and who is not. Unfortunate Spacemen channels the horror of John Carpenter’s The Thing and Ridley Scott’s Alien. But now playable with friends. 

Unfortunate Spacemen is free to play because New Blood claims to “hate money.” You can try out the game on Steam by clicking here

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