New Frostpunk DLC On The Edge Looks Even Cooler Than The Base Game

11 Bit Studios announced today that their post-apocalyptic city building game will be getting its final DLC. Frostpunk: On The Edge is a continuation of the game’s main story. For those who haven’t played, Frostpunk takes place in a very cold Britain. After a great volcano blocked out the sun, the world was plunged into an even greater winter. And by “great” I mean not great at all. A Snowpiercer-esque freeze worldwide necessitated some new cities built to survive the cold. 

Frostpunk: On The Edge takes place after the events of the base game, where presumably you succeeded in surviving the cold. A relic of the past, an old army warehouse, has been uncovered. A scouting party has been sent to create a new settlement, and they must survive in these new circumstances. 

As the Frostpunk press release states, there are a number of new challenges and features that players can expect: 

Near the outpost, there are no animals to hunt, so you’ll be depending on food sent from New London and their favors are not inexhaustible. They have their demands too. Luckily, the weather is not so severe here, on the edge. For now, the people have managed to survive without a Generator, but for how long? 

Frostpunk: One The Edge awaits you with:

  • A gripping survival story set after events of the original game
  • Circumstances will force players to explore and adapt to the frozen wilderness
  • A brand-new map with unique structures
  • New methods to divide or unite your people
  • New mechanics to build economic and diplomatic relations

You can wishlist Frostpunk: On The Edge on Steam by clicking here. And for more information about Frostpunk, you can read our review of the base game here

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