Moons Of Madness Console Launch Delayed, Coming To Xbox One And PS4 March 24th

As you all remember from the review I wrote which you of course all read, I quite liked Moons of Madness. It’s a solid linear horror game, and gets bonus points for putting the “cosmic” in cosmic horror. The only downside is that all the lovely console gaming scrubs didn’t get to experience it. Well, luckily, that will soon change. Extending its eldritch tendrils, Moons of Madness will infect your Xbox One and PS4 on March 24th.

The console release isn’t actually new news. The game was previously slated to release on consoles even sooner. Originally scheduled for January 21st, the good folks at Rock Pocket games have pushed it back to March 24th. The stated reason is to polish the game up. Is this because I recently talked to the Funcom CCO and pointed out that one of the cabinets in the final segment was needlessly locked and had no key, irrevocably breaking my immersion and ruining the climax of the game? Maybe. Probably not. I’m just saying, there’s a non-zero chance.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Moons of Madness, you can get it now on Steam for just $24.99. And if you’re just dying to know what else the Funcom CCO Joel Bylos had to say about it, you can check that out on the newest episode of Real Professional! We also talk about Conan, Dune, The Secret World, and dating Europeans! So check it out!

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