Being Murdered While Using the Internet Simulator Scrutinized Has Launched

More times than I would like to admit I’d be browsing Twitter and I’d read a take so bad I’d follow it up with “God I wish someone would kill me after having read that.” Thankfully video games let me live out my fantasy. Scrutinized has you being murdered while reading stuff on the internet. Also, you solve crime. It’s out now.

Developed by Reflect Studios, who also put out the rather well-liked Welcome to the Game series, Scrutinized has you stepping into the role of a criminal analyst named Luna Youngman who also doubles as a vigilante at night. However, instead of fighting criminals, Luna uses the internet and submits reports about what they’ve done. Every night you’ll have to use your work computer to submit these reports. There’s just one problem: the people you’re currently analyzing aren’t happy about this.

Every night some shady characters will attempt to break into your house while you fill out these reports. Their goal? Kill you of course. If you don’t pay attention to your cameras and hide while the home invasion is in the process of happening, you’re going to die. You do still need to pay attention to the paperwork though. If you’re not reading clue and filling them out correctly, you’re going to submit bad reports that don’t put criminals away. Juggling it all certainly is going to be a tough task.

As an aside, Scrutinized‘s Steam page says the game also offers the ability to turn off jump scares and play the game in a more casual mode that has less activity from the break-ins. Options like this are always welcomed so that anyone can enjoy the game.

If Scrutinized sounds like your kind of game then you can grab it on Steam right now.

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