Can’t Wait Til Resident Evil 8 To Fight Werewolves? Skin Witch Has You Covered

Walking simulator horror games is a genre that has been getting stale for some time. Exploring caves and collecting notes is perfectly good, but there needs to be something more. A new element to breathe new life into the genre. These games are missing something, and that something is a flamethrower. Everyone’s thinking it, but nobody has been brave enough to say it. Until now.

Skin Witch is a game by developer Blackwood Spectre, that channels the weird monsters of Silent Hill and green healing herbs of Resident Evil. The game takes place in an abandoned mine, filled with creatures known as Skin Witches (which are very clearly inspired by skinwalkers). They appear to get their power through their skin, which makes sense, and to fully kill them you have to remove the skin. By exploration, problem solving, resource management, and flame throwing, you must survive these cursed caves and maybe make it out alive.

Skin Witch will release on May 22nd. You can check out their Steam page here. Or, for more updates, you can follow the developer on Twitter here

  • Christopher M Fink
    May 3, 2020

    Yo! I don’t usually do First-Person in video games; it’s a bit disorienting. But, I’ll be damned if this game hasn’t caught my interest! Looks insane!

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