Experimental Indie Horror Stories Untold Coming To Switch Jan 16th

I’m really glad to see developer No Code getting the love it deserves. By me. In my Best Of 2019 list. Where their most recent game Observation was awarded the Space Horror Game of the Year. You should read it right now. Okay, shameless self-promotion out of the way.

Stories Untold is one of those rare indie games that breaks the mold. You go in expecting an 80’s inspired retro time-waster. You’re quickly proven wrong. It wasn’t perfect, but it managed to completely reshape what I expect from a low-res text adventure. It’s not even really a text adventure, despite being an adventure primarily told through text.

Idk man, how would you describe a… this kind of game?

It’s almost impossible to describe, as each of the game’s four chapters are wildly different. And yet, it all comes together to tell a single cohesive story without disappearing straight up its own ass. To quote my initial review, “My interest in Stories Untold was so low going into it that I didn’t even bother emailing the devs to ask for a copy. And now that I’m done, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m writing this review because I just want to tell someone how good it is. Stories Untold certainly has a story to tell, and tells the hell out of it.

The biggest problem is that Stories Untold only saw release on the PC. Luckily, Switch gamers will soon be able to check out this unique experience on January 16th. The game is pretty much a straight port, but has been updated to take advantage of the Switch controls and Joy-Con controller. If you have a Switch and are looking for a psychological horror story without the jumpscares, then don’t miss Stories Untold. If you don’t want to wait, you can check out the game now on Steam.

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