Mother of Frankenstein Hits Kickstarter, Already Makes Full Goal

Horror and board games is one of those combinations that’s showing up more and more, and being awesome. The latest comes from Mother of Frankenstein, a puzzle box that works like an escape room. Also its already funded, so this is happening.

Mother of Frankenstein is a combination of a puzzle box and a board game, having you go through documents and solve puzzles to open up three coded volumes of Mary Shelley’s books, which will tell a fictional story about the author and her relationship to the book. If you want to figure this story out, however, you need to solve puzzles, both in reading documents and putting together jigsaws and 3D maps. The game will be split into three volumes, with the first set to come out sometime in April. Want a copy? You’ll have to pledge $89 to the project.

The best part, however, is that Mother of Frankenstein asked for $30,000, and is currently sitting at over $41,500 at the time of writing. This even puts it close to the first stretch goal, which is set at $50,000. This goal will have the author of the game, Tommy Wallach, send out a novella about events that happened before the game begins. There’s more stretch goals planned, and they’ll be revealed if the game hits the first one.

Want to donate to Mother of Frankenstein and possibly get a copy of the game for yourself? You can do so on their Kickstarter page.

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