Neversong Trailer Sets Up A Dreamlike Nightmare In This Unique Psychological Horror Title

Thomas Brush, best known for Pinstripe, has released his latest game, Neversong. Much like Brush’s other titles, Neversong is an emotionally charged and narrative-based game with significant horror themes. Not only is it terrifying, Neversong will also make you feel feelings. 

Neversong is a game about a child named Peet, recently awakened from a coma. Peet’s girlfriend Wren has been kidnapped, and the adults in this town are experiencing strange and violent behavior. Grabbing his girlfriend’s spiked bat and with the help of a talking bird, Peet takes it upon himself to explore the madness affecting the community. The somber setting slowly reveals the darkness hidden beneath, and this dreamlike game becomes a surreal nightmare.  

Neversong is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. For more information, you can visit Thomas Brush’s website by clicking here

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