New Destroy All Humans! Trailer Is A Close Encounter Of The Best Kind

This latest trailer for Destroy All Humans! remake shows off the gameplay from the classic PS2 title. The trailer is an abridged version of the Turnipseed Farm level, where a first contact quickie spirals into a gruesome bloodbath.  It’s a humorous and very self-aware game that scratches that violent itch, and as the video shows, it’s a straight upgrade graphically and mechanically.

For those who are not familiar with the series, Destroy All Humans is the whimsical tale of Cryptosporidium, or Crypto, a member of the Furon Empire who is tasked with conquering Earth. With advanced weaponry, psychic abilities, and a powerful flying saucer, Crypto mercilessly destroys, well, all humans. There is also precious Furon DNA in humans, and Crypto must consume as many brains as possible, both for character upgrades and for the future of his species. 

Destroy All Humans! will release on July 28. It will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. For more information about Destroy All Humans! visit their website by clicking here

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