Observer Remaster Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

If there’s any game that I think deserves more love, it’s Observer. From the creators of the recent video game adaptation of Blair Witch, Bloober Team’s take on the cyber-dystopia was simultaneously chilling and recognizable. It isn’t too hard to envision the decaying halls as a real apartment block in Krakow, fallen into disrepair as a withering populace retreats into digital escapism. After a plague sweeps over the city, most people prefer to isolate rather than risk infec… hey, wait a minute…

Despite being a phenomenal piece of CyberGoth fiction, Observer is often overshadowed by the earlier Layers of Fear and recent Blair Witch. I think many gamers were turned off by the vague objectives and disorienting visual filters. Luckily, Observer will get a second shot at glory with the newly announced Observer System Redux. There isn’t much we know about it, other than that it’s slated for a next-gen reveal. There’s no date other than to “stay tuned.”

I wish I could tell you more, but for now all we have to go off of is the Observer System Redux Facebook page. If you want to check out the original, you can find it on Steam here. If you’re an Observer fan and want to know more, check out our podcast episode where we interviewed the game’s writer.

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