Body Swapping Souls-Like Mortal Shell Gets a Release Date, and It’s Soon

If you’re prepared to die, then you’re prepared for a new Souls-Like. After winning people over with a fancy reveal trailer and a fun beta, Mortal Shell finally has a release date. The best part? That date is very soon. You can get your hands on the game on August 18th.

You play as what is essentially a ghost, and you need, what else, bodies to occupy. You’ll find these bodies, or shells, and each of them comes with unique equipment and skills. They’re also all people with histories for you to learn, so try not to treat them too badly, okay? Also be ready to make use of every body’s special skills, because it turns out there’s a ton of deadly monsters that are more than happy to murder you.

Thankfully a new trailer shows off some of the bodies you can inhabit. One of them has a giant sword that hits really hard. Another can make short ranged teleportation jumps. However, probably the best of the bunch, is the knight that can load weapons into what is essentially a medieval bazooka and fire them at enemies. What more can you want?

Random aside, but the Steam page for the game contains my favorite content warning I’ve ever seen. It’s “The game contains violence including sword fights with blood sprays.” Perfect. I love it.

Mortal Shell will hit PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 18th. You can add the game to your Epic Games Store Wishlist to grab it when it launches.

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