Guidance, New Game from Sylvio Dev, Announced

The developer of Sylvio, Stroboskop, revealed a new title yesterday. Guidance is an upcoming survival horror game revolving around spiritual possession.

Velvet is an older man in search of his wife. After retiring from his electrician career, Velvet and his wife, Jo, sign up for a guided bus tour. The bus passes an abandoned village, and the guide takes the group for an improvised stop on the tour. Opting for a nap instead, Velvet wakes up a few hours later alone on the dark bus. Concerned, he finds a tranquilizer gun and enters the village in search of Jo. Velvet’s increasingly-frequent blackouts, however, may prove insurmountable.

Throughout Guidance, Velvet will talk to spirits through possessed sightseers. If they’re angry, he can keep them at bay with his tranquilizers. As he explores, Velvet will learn more about the village’s past. You can explore at your own pace. There aren’t any jumpscares in Guidance, just an oppressive, tense atmosphere as Velvet grows more and more concerned for his wife’s well-being.

As part of the gameplay, you have huge control over the camera. You can zoom out to plan your next strategy or spot various points of interest, as well as zoom in to reveal close details. Don’t let it distract you too much, however. A surprise attack can prove deadly!

Guidance Screenshot Tranquilizer Gun
Velvet, armed with a tranquilizer gun, explores the village in search of his missing wife.

Guidance is early in development, and does not currently have a release date. It’s the latest from Stroboskop, a one-person studio. Other titles include Sylvio (2015) and its sequel, Sylvio 2 (2017) as well as Brutalism (2018). Check out the trailer, which showcases one of the creepy, dismal environments Velvet will encounter in the full game. While you wait, go ahead and Wishlist Guidance on Steam so you can keep up with the latest news. It will come to various consoles as well as PC storefronts when it releases in the future.