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World War Z Switch Port Released

World War Z’s Nintendo Switch port dropped yesterday. World War Z is a zombie shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ film of the same name, itself based on a book by Max Brooks.

Saber Interactive’s Swarm Engine allows large number of zombies on screen at once. This gives a more realistic impression of hordes of undead. Whether alone or with up to three other teammates, players visit devastated locales to clear out the zombie threat. Visit New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, and Tokyo to take them back for humanity. With seven different classes and various deadly weapons, they never stood a chance.

World War Z – Deluxe Edition, a digital release, includes bonus content for those willing to shill out a bit extra. There’s the Lobo Weapon Pack, the Biohazard Weapon Pack, Military Weapon, Last Aid, Signature, War Heroes Character Skin, and Professionals Character Skin packs.

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Alone or with up to three friends, you can now take zombie slaying on the go.

The Horde Mode Z game mode and Marseille story missions will come to the Nintendo Switch as free post-launch DLC in the future. The PvPvZ mode is available now as a free download in North America, with global players able to access it very soon. Currently, you can also play World War Z on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as the updated World War Z: Aftermath. The official site has more information about World War Z.

Saber Interactive is a developer and publisher with almost 20 studios scattered across the Americas and Europe. They’ve developed and published numerous titles since their founding in 2001. Previous titles include SnowRunner, the NBA Playgrounds franchise, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunton the Nintendo Switch. They’re also responsible for the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game.

Paramount Pictures Corporation is a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment. The leading company claims some of the most powerful brands in film.