Experience the End of the (Digital) World in Agony of a Dying MMO

I have one great MMO love. That is Funcom’s urban fantasy game The Secret World. I keep it no secret that it’s my favorite MMO. I also keep it no secret that, one day, perhaps sooner than I want, I know it will die. It hurts, and I’m not quite sure how I’ll feel when it’s gone. However, if I ever needed a taste of such a feeling, it seems like Agony of a Dying MMO will give me that deep depression I would normally see from such an event. Apparently the answer is that the final hours will see battle with Nazis and chasing down rumored super powers.

The game takes place in an MMO that, once upon a time, used to be a safe haven for players of all kind. At least, until the developers made the decision to add in a faction of playable Nazis, whom promptly attracted the exact kind of crowd of alt-right jackasses you’d expect and chased away much of the player base. Unable to win the original players back, the decision was made to shut the MMO down. So the few remaining non-Nazi players get together to try and enjoy the final moments of their beloved former hang-out spot.

However, there’s a twist to all of this. For some time a story has been going around the MMO of an NPC named Adam that, if found, would grant the player ultimate power. Its always been one of those urban legends in the game, but with the MMO shutting down anyway now seems like the best time to find him. Yet the deeper the players look into the story of Adam, the more twisted and weird it becomes, turning their last few hours into something hellish.

All of this gives off some fantastic vibes. It’s one of the most clever original settings I’ve seen, and it’s a story I absolutely want to see told. Combine this with lovely use of low-poly characters and environments, and Agony of a Dying MMO may just be one of the most unique games in years. Of course, it also terrifies me, both through actual scares and the speculation of what could happen to that one MMO I still love. Let’s hope “being invaded by Nazis” isn’t in the cards.

Agony of a Dying MMO is being developed by Toni Hughes, and you can wishlist the game on Itch.io here.

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