CryoSpace Has You Escaping From A Destroyed Space Station

In space, everyone can hear you scream because usually you’re in a pretty small environment with lots of people. CryoSpace has you escaping from that environment, before you end up another dead body.

Just announced, the game has already managed to easily capture attention. You’ll play as a maintenance man woken up from cryosleep onboard a space station that appears to have been overrun by all sorts of monsters. What kind of monsters? Well, the trailer doesn’t give a glimpse at much other than some difficult-to-kill zombie-types. However, we do get to see one crew member pulled away by space tentacles emerging from an open doorway, so we can expect other horrors.

Worse, you’re not exactly a soldier or anything. Instead, you’re just the guy who fixes the pipes. You’ll have to find maintenance tools to help fight off the enemies and stop yourself from getting killed. At least you have one major advantage: other survivors. If you look around the ship some there’s a chance you can find other survivors, and you can team up with them to survive. Just be sure to share some oxygen, and don’t let them get dragged away.

CryoSpace is set to release some time in 2022 for PC. You can add the game to your wishlist here.

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