Have a Nice Death Entering Early Access this March

Starting March 8, players can have a nice death with Have a Nice Death, which will enter Early Access on Steam. The 2D action roguelike will be available for Steam-compatible devices and Valve’s Steam Deck upon the latter’s release. You can Wishlist it on the Steam platform via its Steam page. There’s an animated announcement trailer, too, if you want to see Death get ready for the day.

Take control of Death itself as the supreme leader and CEO of Death Incorporated. The Early Access version will have five different departments full of unruly employees for Death to punish. It’s a hand-drawn adventure taking place in an underworld organization that processes souls as they come to the afterlife. The headquarters feature procedural generation, meaning no two branches are the same. It’s a blend of the banality of corporate horror and the inevitability of death.

Have a Nice Death Sorrow Screenshot
I’m not a fan of these performance reviews either Margaret so let’s just get through this.

While traversing the headquarters, you’ll have to round up and rehabilitate employees who have gotten a little too uppity for their own good. They’ve begun ignoring company protocol and have started taking too many souls on Earth. The Sorrows (department heads) and their minions must cease and desist at once! With a variety of weapons, spells, and abilities, you’ll have to brush up on your negotiation methods. It may take a few meetings to get them to give in, but don’t give up!

Perfect World Entertainment, the publisher, has a long-running history in the industry. They’re perhaps most famous for Perfect World, an MMORPG.

Magic Design Studios developed Have a Nice Death. They previously developed and published Unruly Heroes, a beat-em-up. It released in early 2019. Their games have an element of humor and almost cartoony physics that they combine with ancient lore.