Industria Announcement Trailer Aims To Capture David Lynch Style Of Cinematography

Developer Bleakmill and publisher Headup Games have announced the first details for their upcoming first person shooter. Industria is a cinematic and atmospheric game that aims to capture the “Lynchesque surreality,” per their Steam page’s description. Peppered throughout the trailer are the unusual and non-sequitorial scenes, such as a black and white theater stage with a body slowly levitating, which looks like a scene straight out of Mulholland Drive.

The trailer shows two environments the game takes place in, late Cold War East Berlin (pre-fall of the Berlin Wall) and a mysterious alternate universe. Industria is a story about a woman who is searching for her missing colleague, Walter. Walter is a scientist who was working on secret space-time research, and upon receiving his goodbye message, she begins to search for him. From there, she somehow enters this steampunk-y dimension, which is full of glowing mechanical wiffle balls and clockwork enemies. The story will supposedly explore both the fall of the Soviet Union, as well as the science fiction universe of the parallel dimension.

Industria will release sometime Q1 of 2021. For more information, check out their Steam page here

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