Golden Light, Retro Horror FPS, Leaves Early Access

Golden Light has left Early Access on Steam today. The surreal, retro-styled horror FPS is on Steam with a special 30% off sale through next week, so get it while it’s hot. There’s a special discount, too, if you want to grab Cruelty Squad and ULTRAKILL in a bundle. Golden Light first entered Early Access in July of 2020 and features both single player and online co-op.

A procedural dark comedy horror game, Golden Light features roguelike elements amid an eerie, uncomfortable atmosphere. The protagonist must descend into the Gut in order to save their loved one. Uniquely enough, you can eat your weapons and question your own sanity while doing so. Developer Mr. Pink describes it as a “Survival-Horror FPS Prop Hunt Roguelike about meat.” As part of the full release, you can jump into online Co-op or Versus modes. Publisher HypeTrain Digital recently premiered a release trailer on their official channel.

Golden Light Smug Face
I do not like this meat face. Its smug aura mocks me in a way I simply am unwilling to describe. What’s it got to be all self-satisfied about?

But, how does it play? You can check out our Early Access preview from early 2021 for a more in-depth look at Golden Light and its meat-munching madness. The consensus? It’s a brutally hard but incredibly wild experience that will leave you guessing. Your hands will be full of meat as you descend deeper into the Gut formed of flesh and sinew and bone.

Mr. Pink is a two-person development team based in Russia and founded in the beginning of 2020.

HypeTrain Digital works with indie teams to help ship their labors of love to worldwide audiences. Previous titles published by the company include Black Book, The Wild Eight, Stoneshard, There is No Light, DESOLATE, Police Stories, and 12 is Better Than 6.