Possible Multiplayer THE LAST OF US Game In The Works

Alright, two-part story. First of all, The Last of Us Part 2 won’t have multiplayer. It sucks, as the Factions mode in the first The Last of Us was surprisingly good. This first part of the story is what most outlets are running with, as we are all sad we won’t be able to glass shiv any human players this time around. Soon after learning this, developer Naughty Dog tweeted a longer explanation as to why the game wouldn’t have multiplayer. Here it is:

Now it’s not exactly a revelation to announce that video games are a lot of work and sometimes things get cut. But the important thing here is that second paragraph. Vague promises are a dime a dozen in gaming, but it’s unlikely that a veteran developer would let all that time and money go to waste. While I certainly would like to see this mode as a future expansion for The Last of Us Part 2 (DLC or otherwise), chances are they will pivot this into an entirely new game. Whether or not that game is going to be in The Last of Us universe has yet to be seen.

So fans, what do you want? Would you like a standalone The Last of Us multiplayer game? Or would you rather see Naughty Dog work on a new IP? Let me know below!

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