Good Smile Company Re-Releasing Popular Silent Hill 2 Figurines

Everyone loves a good action figure (not dolls!) to put on their desk. In 2015 Good Smile Company released a pair of pretty rad ones: a nurse and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. If you missed them, it looks like you can get a second shot.

The figures, which are named Bubble Head Nurse and Red Pyramid Thing, are currently available for order. You can order them right now, and they’ll be available to order until December 2nd. After that, you can no longer order and, and the figures will be shipped sometime next year. It costs $74 for the nurse, or $84 for Pyramid Head.

While they may be a little pricey, and the time to get them is limited, this is a pair of very impressive and very cool figures. After all, don’t you want pyramid head on your desk? It’d be better than running from him, like you have to do in Dead by Daylight anyway.

While this figures are nice to see, we still don’t have any new news on Silent Hill games. Recently Silent Hill 4: The Room hit GOG, but unfortunately that’s about it. Here’s to hoping one day soon we’ll have a new game for these figures.

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