Extended BIOMUTANT Gameplay Footage Gives Us A Clear Look At The Gorgeous Open World

Although it still does not have a firm release date, an extended new gameplay trailer for Biomutant has made us more eager than ever to get our hands on it. The footage runs for just under ten minutes, and it gives us our best look yet at the world of Biomutant, the enemies you’ll be facing, and the combat system. Some particular highlights from the footage include piloting a rocket ship at 2:41, seeing the protagonist gliding from a cliff at 4:58, and the giant sea monster at 6:24. We also loved some of the oddball new characters introduced in this footage, such as the railway worker named Chu-Chu Chug, and the bespectacled hardware sore owner at 5:40. Interestingly, the footage contains no dialogue and is instead accompanied by a relaxing chord soundtrack, so sit back and enjoy the pretty visuals while the music helps transport you to another world.

Developed by Experiment 101, with members of the team also having worked on Mad Max and the Just Cause franchise, Biomutant takes place in a world tasked over by mutant animals. Playing as a lone warrior, you will be taken with restoring balance by saving the Tree of Life, which has been corrupted by a mysterious poison. Although seeing as there will have branching storylines depending on your actions, you will have to choose between saving the world or bringing about its destruction. You can learn more about the plot on the game’s official website.

The protagonist of Biomutant is clearly a mammalian creature, although his exact species has deliberately been undefined. And seeing as he is a mutant, you will have the options to customise everything from his facial features down to his overall size and bulk, so you really will be able to make him into your ideal protagonist. Whether you want him to look like a cute bunny or a vicious racoon is up to you, but keep in mind that his physical attributes will affect how he plays.

Combat will also alternate between a mix of shooting and melee swordplay, and yes, the action really is accompanied by onscreen comic book-style fight words like in the ’60s Batman TV series. We’re not sure why we love that little detail as much as we do.

We’ve taken a particular liking to Biomutant, because we are intrigued by the unique concept of mutated animals taking over society. We also can’t wait to explore the unique open world environment, which is quite literally like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And rest assured that while there will be plenty of things to do in the vast open world, there won’t be any pesky fetch quests. Instead, you will be offered more substantial side activities which will offer a more enjoyable variety of challenges.

Regarding when we can expect to play Biomutant, we know the game will be released on PC and console during this fiscal year, so we don’t have long to wait before be can finally experience what we hope will be the first entry in a successful new franchise for THQ Nordic.

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