Fractured Veil Says Aloha to Abominations

Fractured Veil is an upcoming survival game set in a future Hawaii. The former paradise has been ravaged by time, technology, and mutants.

A hundred years after a teleportation system accidentally ruined reality, players will embark on an exploration of Maui’s white, sandy beaches. Instead of daiquiris and snorkeling, though, they’ll face a harsh climate with flesh-hungry mutants on the prowl. The only other people on the island that aren’t interested in taking a chunk out of you are clones. Each time they die, they resurrect as another copy of themselves. Of course, getting mauled by monsters still isn’t a pleasant experience.

Players will navigate a 64 square kilometer map for crafting resources, allies, and other loot. They’ll have to lay down work for a base, protecting them from the weather, monsters, and each other. Totems protect structures and loot while the player is offline, and there are some NPC-controlled safe zones for protection as well. There are vendors, trading, and questing to ensure that your survivor sees the hellscape through to the end.

Fractured Veil Screenshot Beach
There’s a Dead Island quip here somewhere.

Of course, there’s always somebody watching. A series of Hunger Games-like drones will flit about, broadcasting the goings-on to everyone on the official website, Twitch, and Steam pages. Fractured Veil expects to enter Early Access on PCs sometime in Q2 of next year (2022). A Kickstarter campaign is also in the works, expected sometime in Q3 of this year (2021). Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam if it tickles your fancy. Developer and publisher Paddle Creek Games is based in Seattle, Washington, and Montreal. Members of the 12-person studio have in the past helped work on projects such as Fortnite and Gotham Knights.

For the moment, though, you can check out their trailer. Since the Early Access is a year away, be aware that lots of the content in Fractured Veil is susceptible to change.

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