Search Party: Director’s Cut Coming to Steam Soon

Another Puppet Combo game is making its way to Steam, with Search Party: Director’s Cut hitting the service on March 4th.

Originally released on May 18th, 2019, for Puppet Combo paetron subscribers, Search Party: Director’s Cut is an expanded re-release of the original game being brought to Steam. The game follows Claire Harrison, a 16 year old girl who’s 8 year old brother, Daniel, goes missing. During a search party for Danie, Claire stumbles upon a mysterious house in the woods. Believing Daniel is inside, she goes to look for him. Unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of horror going on in the house.

The game features pixel arts and attempts to make graphics that emulate the SNES. Despite this, it draws inspiration from PlayStation classics like Clock Tower and Silent Hill. The director’s cut features some new content as well. The biggest is the addition of two more endings, followed by a new area you can explore which expands on an older ending. There’s also new costumes, items, redone art, and some tiny tweaks that should make the game even better to play.

If you’re interested in Search Party: Director’s Cut then you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam right here.

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