Little Devil Inside Looks Like The Witcher Meets Wallace And Gromit

My expectation for today’s PlayStation 5 showcase was a lot of pretty pre-rendered cutscenes showing off the grittiest of faces and most shadowy of lighting effects. It’s a common tactic, but the lack of gameplay means that the display is mostly spectacle. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to find the showcase stuffed with not only gameplay, but also little indie titles with alternative art styles. Case in point: Little Devil Inside. While undeniably gorgeous, it isn’t exactly a game that shows off the bleeding edge of tech. And even so, it’s probably the game I’m most excited about.

Chances are you’ve probably never heard of Little Devil Inside. That is unless you’re one of the 5,126 people that Kickstarted the project back in 2015. The game has been in development for five years officially, and probably even longer than that unofficially. It’s a long enough time to write most projects off. Many of the backers already had. The original delivery date was supposed to be June 2016. It was also supposed to be a PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, and PC release. It’s fair to say they have firmly missed the mark on at least one of those. With today’s announcement, Little Devil Inside is confirmed to be a timed exclusive for the PS5/PS4, but will only be coming to PC at a later date.

I have mixed emotions on Little Devil Inside. The game is clearly beautiful. I relish the chance to hunt monsters in this stylized world with no dialogue. I adore the visual storytelling, aesthetic, and juxtaposition of cartoonish caricatures with sleek combat and violence. The game will likely be quite dope. That being said, it is poor form to promise backers one product and deliver something completely different. I imagine that people that contributed expecting to play on the Wii U or Xbox are feeling slighted. Not to mention the backers that paid up to $8,000 for in-game perks.

We’ll have to wait and see how developers Neostream plan to deliver on their long-held promises. Until then, finding out more will be tough. The game’s official website does have an old gameplay trailer, but that hasn’t even been updated with the new console exclusivity yet. Regardless, Little Devil Inside is planned to come to the PS5 sometime in the future.

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