Steam Halloween Sale Here With Discount And Special Events

Hey, look! It’s a Steam Holiday Sale! All the games are on sale! And because it’s October, that means the spooky games are on extra-sale! Hurray!

So if you don’t know the drill already, Steam is the world’s largest digital store for PC games. My a mile. Seriously, it controls like 98% of the market. Even other retailers like Amazon or Humble Bundle redeem their keys on Steam. Every once in a while (with increasing frequency as years go on), almost everything goes on sale in a big blowout holiday spectacular. It’s like Black Friday, but not built on lies.

Each sale also comes with a certain gimmick, like an ARG game or some collectible card game achievements. This year, the Valve has partnered with a number of developers to make special content for their games. Dying Light got a Left 4 Dead crossover event. And Blair Witch got an adorable dog costume. How wonderful. Plenty of other horror games have all gotten Halloween themed updates. Tons of non-horror games have also gotten in on the action. Rainbow Six Siege has a particularly robust holiday event pack (art pictured below). Other games like Rocket League and Terraria have smaller events with some spooky cosmetic offerings. You can find a whole list on the sale’s page on the Steam Store.

Keep in mind, many of these events will expire soon. The sale itself only lasts until November 1st, so you best check it out before it’s too late!

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