Justin Counts Down To Halloween Day Seven: Office Horror Done Right

When you think of bigger horror games, one of them is bound to be a game from the Silent Hill series. While you may feel like the series went off the rails, and while I agree, for the most part, Homecoming was rough stuff. But Downpour deserves another chance. Anyway, since it has been ten years since the last major entry in the series, indie developers have really taken the Silent Hill inspired genre incredibly far. Some of them far surpass the series itself, and that’s where today’s title sits for me.

Yuppie Psycho!

 Yuppie Psycho is best experienced going in wholly blind, just knowing it feels like a much better Silent Hill but set in a quirky, weird-ass office.

 While the Yuppie Psycho is gameplay-wise incredibly different. Based more on stealth than Silent Hill. And much more leaning towards resource management, almost to a fault, it can get very dire towards the later half of the game. Especially with these pencil items that you can use to, let’s just say, “disarm” these mines. There are a few things that make Yuppie stand out, its music is fantastic, and the ambient soundtrack is something genuinely haunting. The art style is a great, almost simplistic pixel style. But in its simplicity, it manages to convey such detail its awesome. Finally, the monster design and diversity here are wild. Each more minor monster stands out and acts so differently it never really gets stale. Then the bosses are something extraordinary here. One of the first ones you’ll come across is a printer, and without spoiling too much, it is absolutely terrifying and makes you rethink how you use the toolset available to you. 

Yuppie Psycho horse

 Yuppie Psycho follows Brian, and he interviews for a position at Sintracorp, and he gets given the job of hunting the witch. It was a wild ride that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It’s incredible, and the story is well thought out and lands. It’s like Silent Hill meets Office Space. I really can’t give enough praise to Yuppie Psycho developer Baroque Decay. They really nailed it out of the park with this one.

Yuppie Psycho blood

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