Chained: A Victorian Nightmare Is A VR Horror Retelling Of A Christmas Carol

Oh lovely, just what I needed. Another childhood memory turned into a terrifying nightmare. I have enough terrifying nightmares about my childhood, okay? I don’t also need the good ones corrupted! I’m just kidding. A Christmas Carol was already warped long ago by the terrifying Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in A Muppet Christmas Carol. You know what’s a great fit for a muppet movie? A terrifying silent visage of death showing you the hollow pointlessness of your existence. That’ll really thrill the kiddos.

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is taking things a step further and just making the whole story spooky. It’s chock full of graveyards, spooky singing children, evil clocks, and tortured spirits. Chances are Tiny Tim is now a euphemism for crippling syphilis. Merry Christmas!

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is the newest work of MWM Interactive. Justin Denton serves as Chained‘s creator, director, and apparent destroyer of childhood whimsy. Justin is known for creating the Legion experience at SDCC 2017, so he definitely has a passion for interactive media. Chained was previously available at live events in LA and NYC, but will be coming to VR headsets this month for $5.99.

Now notice that nowhere in this article have I described Chained: A Victorian Nightmare as a game. That’s because they aren’t calling it a game either. Nowhere in the Press Release/store page description do they use the word, “game.” More from the Official Press Release:

This experience puts viewers at the center of the story — they will confront their past, present and future in a bone-chilling journey of self-discovery. The adaptation is faithful to the chilling, moody atmosphere of the classic novel. Previously released as a location-based immersive experience in Los Angeles in fall 2018 and New York City in spring 2019, this version transports audiences to an eerie Victorian London setting within the comfort of their own home.

“‘Chained’ is the result of theater, cinema and interactive entertainment coming together to create a singular experience that provides a deeper and more personal experience of this classic tale,” said MWMi’s Ethan Stearns. “At MWM Interactive, we’re focused on working with creators to tell great narratives no matter the technical medium.”

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. VR is a powerful technology, and there’s plenty of ways to utilize the medium. Just don’t be spooked if you drop $6 on Chained: A Victorian Nightmare and it turns out to be a movie. So if you’re willing to strap in for a story, Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is coming to OculusSteam, and VIVEPORT.

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