Draft of Darkness is a Dread Inducing Deckbuilder

Build a dread-inducing deck of despair in upcoming Draft of Darkness. It will enter Early Access beginning July 30. Developed by Crawley Games, it takes elements of classic survival horror titles and merges it with modern roguelike strategy. Draft of Darkness bills itself as a cross between Slay the Spire and Resident Evil.

Players will need to keep an eye on their resources. Their attacks are linked to weapons, and you’ll need to make sure you have enough firepower to take on the real nasties. You’ll also encounter allies who can help you survive, but you’ll have to avoid both radiation and infection. But, even if you do fail, you’ll get credits at the end of each run. These credits let you open booster packs and gain new starting cards for a better loadout. Each death will offer a new chance at survival. The decisions the player makes can also change the course of the story, unlocking new routes while closing off others. Each run has new choices, but each choice will carry consequences.

Draft of Darkness Combat Screenshot
There’s a grainy, grungy quality to the battle sprites. Your party members may be the one thing saving you from death.

In Draft of Darkness, you’ll explore a post-apocalyptic city shrouded in darkness. Every map and thus every game of Draft of Darkness is procedurally generated for endless replayability. Both you and your party members will have their own decks with their own strengths and weaknesses. Only by working together as a team can you take on the infected monsters, government robots and, yes, other survivors. The digitized sprites lend everything an air of grunge and uncanniness.

Draft of Darkness will come to the PC and Linux via Steam. It’ll have a small discount until the 6th of August to celebrate its release into Early Access. There’s a demo, too, if you want to just have a small taste for yourself before you buy. Wishlist it, try the demo, and follow the development of Draft of Darkness on its official Steam page. The title is the first released by Crawley Games.