DreadXP Sally Face Code Giveaway!

Hey all you slick horror fans! Do you like free shit? Hell yeah you like free shit! So why don’t you come and hang out with the cool kids over here at DreadXP? We got all the best free shit stolen legally and amicably acquired from completely willing and not at all captive indie devs! As part of our ongoing effort to make the internet a little more fun, we’re hosting a number of giveaways highlighting some games that I personally liked. And you should too. Because I have really good taste. Don’t believe me? Just check out Sally Face. It’s dope, right?

On our upcoming episode of the Real Professional Podcast, we invited indie dev Portable Moose (AKA Steve Gabry) to come by and talk about the crushing anxiety and soaring highs of being a fulltime indie game dev. The conversation was beautiful, just perfect. It was a perfect conversation. We have the best podcasts at DreadXP. No one comes close. Everyone knows it. So I asked Mr. Moose if he’d be down with hosting this week’s giveaway. And his answer? “If I say yes… will you let me go?” Hell yes, Admiral Mooseman!

If you want a chance to win the indie horror adventure cult hit Sally Face, all you have to do is head on over to our giveaway site linked here. Then, just follow @Dread_X_P (thanks internet bots for taking DreadXP!), @portablemoose, or @witherstudio. Each follow is a chance to win! You can also leave a comment for extra bonus chances to win. Winners will be picked next Monday, following the release of Lord Moose’s episode of Real Professional. If you want to check out our previous episodes, click the link here to be taken to our podcast page. And if you want to check out Sally Face, you can find it by clicking here for the Steam store page. But still like and subscribe and all that stuff. I got bills to pay and human-sized cages to clean.

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