Let It Die Lives On In Battle Royale Game Deathverse

Exciting news today for fans of Suda51. Grasshopper Manufacture, best known for No More Heroes and Killer7 has a spinoff/sequel to 2016’s Let It Die. Unlike its predecessor, which was a sort of Soulslike game, Deathverse is going to be a battle royale multiplayer game.

Deathverse takes place after the events of Let It Die. For those that don’t remember, Let It Die was a neat free-to-play game for the PS4. The story is that there was an apocalyptic event called the Earth Rage (sounds rad) that annihilated much of civilization. You are a clone of some kind who must ascend the Tower of Barbs, which is essentially the Tower of Babel if it were made of over-the-top violence. You’re accompanied by a skateboarding grim reaper named Uncle Death and if you fall during your ascent, your reanimated cadaver will be there to fight anyone else who dares climb the tower.

The lore for Deathverse is a bit harder to parse from the trailer. According to the PlayStation Blog article You’re in some kind of televised gladiatorial event called the Death Jamboree. You’ve got a robotic item called a Wilson which is a transforming weapon that can be customized to fit your style. There’s a strange element called SPLithium on the island that you’ll be collecting. And that’s about it for now. I feel just as lost as to what’s going on as when I played the original game, which is alright with me.

Deathverse will also be free to play and should arrive on PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2022.