Power Chord Taking Stage This Month

Power Chord, a heavy metal roguelike deck builder, will come to PCs via Steam on January 26. The Big Blue Bubble team plans to add a port for the Nintendo Switch at a later date. There’s a trailer, too, if you care to watch it.

When heavy metal demons emerge from a tear in reality, only the new Knights of Thunder Fist can take back the town! Kick the hellspawn out of all the local dive bars in Battles of the Bands. It’s an easy-to-learn but deep and strategic turn-based combat. As you play more sets, you can earn more powerful cards to put into your deck. Be careful not to turn it into a farewell tour while you’re at it. Begin with a guitarist, vocalist, drummer, and bassist, each with their own set of cards to fight off evil. Your tour stops are random, giving you plenty of replayability between the different locales and combinations of enemy bands. Any band member who goes down will be out for the count until you can make it to the next Rest Site.

Power Chord Screenshot Card Battle
There’s definitely a sense of style here and I, for one, appreciate it.

“Rock music and its offspring have gifted fans with such incredible, emotive highs over the decades, and it’s constantly evolving to yield new joys. In that same spirit, Power Chord evolves the roguelike deck builder with significantly more strategic options and complexity than its forebear while celebrating the visual legacy of rock, from demonic accessories to eye-catching album-cover visuals.”

Jamie Boylan, Art Director, Big Blue Bubble

Big Blue Bubble has over 15 years of experience in creating fun, innovative, and accessible titles. The studio develops games for many different platforms, with over 100 titles to their name since their founding in 2004. In addition to Power Chord, the team is focusing on the My Singing Monsters series and Foregone.