S.C.A.R. Releases “Ravaging Demons” Trailer Showing Demons Getting Ravaged

With the games release into early access just two weeks away, developers Savage Studios revealed a new trailer for S.C.A.R., their first game. S.C.A.R., which stands for “Simulating Carnage and Rockets,” is a retro FPS throwback to classic shooters like Quake and Doom

This new trailer, titled “Ravaging Demons,” shows exactly that. New weapons we haven’t seen yet, such as a homing rocket launcher and a sniper rifle powerful enough to be a railgun, are shown. On top of that, we see some of the grappling hook action that sets S.C.A.R. apart from the rest. With the Spiderman grappling action on top of the classic rocket jumps, S.C.A.R. displays some stunning mobility in the wide-open arenas. 

S.C.A.R. will be coming to early access on July 16th. To preorder the game or try out the free demo, check out their Steam page here. And for updates on the game, you can follow the S.C.A.R. Twitter page here.

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