Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: Another Nightmare Is Another Nightmare

Have you ever had a repeating nightmare? Terrible experience. The nightly sanctuary of your bed becomes an exhausting and unpleasant chore. Fatigue, physical and mental, should be considered when playing this game. Helps you get into the mindset of the character in Another Nightmare.

Another Nightmare is a cool little project by itch.io dev Cody Larkin. In it you play as a man having a lucid dream, one he knows is going to be a nightmare. Awakening(?) in his house, he must simply explore the surroundings, aware that the nightmare will start at any moment. The game is heavily reliant on jump scares. But it creates an interesting atmosphere, and for a first-time horror game, I’d say its worth your money, which is zero dollars.

The runtime for this game is probably around five minutes. You can try Another Nightmare for free by clicking this link.

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