Dossip.net is a blast from the past, make your avatar and meet other players from around the world in this new online RPG! You can be anyone you want to be. Join friends for epic quests and make your own story in this world of endless possibilities.

Dossip.net is a recreation of the first polygon rendered MMO games, Warcraft, Runescape, that’s actually the only ones I recall from memory, I am a zoomer after all (an Aging zoomer). The game begins at the end of its lifecycle with worldwide servers being. It launches in a 4:3 ratio at maybe 480p and no anti-aliasing. This isn’t a retro game about limitations of the old days shining through chrome-polished gameplay, it’s committed to the experience of functional-enough early software.

While the creator has expressed a desire to add some authentic online interaction for players this version is limited to bots. It does feel real enough and rather depressingly I would have mistook some for real players if this was real. The general text chat in Dossip.net allows you to type your thoughts into the void just like real life and the bot replies are just as completely void of context and misplace humor as normal humans.

While bots will discuss different activities the player is restricted to exploring the hub area which is made up of small biomes with gathering spots for players to congregate around. The atmosphere can be nostalgically charming in the clunking together of assets with straight edged polygons making up the ground with peppered grass texture struggling to stretch across it. There’s also sublime moments to be found as well with connected geometry leading to perilous locations alone overlooking the massively small island. Amidst this polygonal and jpeg filled world of Dossip.net are moments of tranquility bathed in isolation and anonymity.

You can play Dossip.net here.

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