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6 Retro-style Indie FPS Games for Horror Lovers to Play on PC in 2022

If you’re tired of creeping through horror games as a defenseless protagonist, perhaps some good old-fashioned FPS ultraviolence is just the palate cleanser you need. In this list, we’ve rounded up six games that let you shoot, burn or bludgeon your way to victory through waves of enemies. Some of these games are available right now, some have demos, and some have only just been announced, but all of them have something on offer for those with itchy trigger fingers. 

1. Darkadia 

Darkadia FPS

Those pining for some Silent Hill goodness will want to keep an eye on this one. A collaborative project being developed in the GZDoom engine, Darkadia’s trailer (which you can see on its webpage) is riffing heavily on everyone’s favorite foggy town, from its visuals to its Akira Yamaoka-like soundtrack. This one doesn’t have a demo or a release date yet, but you can follow the team’s progress on this and other games on their Twitter feed. 

2. Hellscreen

Hellscreen FPS

Ever wondered what Doom would look like if it was directed by H. R. Giger? Well, it seems as though Hellscreen is here to answer that question. Set to release on October 31 this year (woo, spooky), this biomechanical boomer shooter promises to shake up the formula with a ‘rearview mirror’ feature that will let players look and shoot behind them as well as forward. Those interested in Hellscreen can wishlist the game on Steam and follow developer UK_resistant over on Twitter

3. Hellbound

Hellbound FPS

Another ‘Hell-’ prefix? Okay! This retro-style boomer shooter is all about big guns, big muscles, and big buckets of blood. While not the longest game in the world (playtime runs from about two to three hours), Hellbound offers up some colorful visuals and straightforward 90s era FPS action from the creators of the Doorways survival horror series.  

4. Bloom

Bloom FPS

Another entry on this list that’s out now, Bloom tasks the player with stopping an unholy flower from opening up on our world lest it brings about the End of Days. The only thing standing between you and this goal is an entire army of demons and possessed cultists. Anyone left hankering for more run-and-gun fun after playing Dusk might want to give this one a try. 

5. Cultic

Cultic FPS

Have you ever had one of those days where you get abducted by your local sinister cult, driven out to the woods, and left for dead on top of a corpse pile? Yeah, me too; I hate it when that happens. This gritty pixel art FPS is being developed Jasozz Games and published by 3D Realms, the company responsible for shooters like Max Payne, Duke Nukem, and Shadow Warrior. You can currently play a demo for free over on Steam and follow creator Jason Smith on Twitter.


6. Fallen Aces

Fallen Aces

Slipping this one in here is slightly sneaky since Fallen Aces has its feet firmly planted in the noir genre rather than horror. On the other hand, the two categories usually stood shoulder to shoulder back in the heyday of the pulp era, so maybe it’s not such a cheat after all. In Fallen Aces, you play as a private gumshoe who lets his fists do the talking when it comes to cracking a case. With a hand-drawn comic book aesthetic and melee combat that evokes the Condemned series, Fallen Aces is worth a look if you feel like putting the hurt on some mooks what got it comin’ to ’em. The free demo is available on Steam, whilst you can find the dev’s Twitter account over here