Everything Is For Humanity: Terror In The Underground

While scrolling through the Steam Summer Sale, which by the way, makes it incredibly difficult to find new games. Even if you sort by recent, the game’s release dates are all over the place and tend to bury indie titles during the sale.

But I was able to come across this new terrifying game. Everything Is For Humanity. The first release for Vanquisher Games, an indie developer based out of Istanbul, Turkey.

The story of Everything Is For Humanity is some serious Sci-fi horror stuff. In this underground scientific facility, a scientist named Dr. Jeffery succeeded in producing synthetic brains as well as these synthetic bodies. Now he started to develop an artificial intelligence called SynOS to use these new discoveries. We play as one of the developers of this stuff and to say things turn bad quickly is an understatement. 

It starts with a rather haunting confession by the lead, Dr. Jeffery: “God be my witness. If I would have known or at least predicted, I would have never been a part of this. I was the most important puppet of charlatan wishes for two crazier things than a healthy mind can imagine the hides behind the cover of science while doing this. Therefore, I do not have the words to express the guilt and regret I feel. Nevertheless, I can try to express it with these words. I have no doubts that God will add a new item to the list of major sins for the things I’ve done or pioneered. What you’re about to learn may only make you feel restless and suspicious for the rest of your life. Therefore I never want my writing to be read by sensitive minds. The world keeps turning, and let other people not know what’s going on. While the world is turning, I’m not writing this for someone to do something anyway; there’s nothing to do what I know very clearly set in my brain. It’s no longer as clear as it was before. So far, I’ve not yet completely lost control of my brain. I want to record what’s happened. Also, writing all these makes me relaxed just a little bit. Dear reader, firstly, I’m sorry for everything you will and happen through; however, at the very beginning, everything was for humanity.”

I wanted to include the entirety of the introduction because it immediately gave me The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein. There are lots of ideas here about not knowing who is a person and who is synthetic. Granted, it is not an alien parasite, but there are definite parallels there. The story is incredibly interesting, especially for a world that is constantly evolving its technologies. It comes down to man being the biggest monster.

Gameplay in Everything Is For Humanity is your general hide-and-seek style horror game, like Outlast and Amnesia. It’s all about sneaking around the evils around the player while completing puzzles. One of the interesting things here is that instead of using an actual flashlight or phone, our character uses their smartwatch to light the way. Let me tell you that the watch light does not give off much light.

Everything Is For Humanity looks really good, it also gives off really good environmental vibes of an underground laboratory. There is a good mix of puzzles and exploration. None of the puzzles are too involved. Not to mention there are multiple kinds of enemies you will come across. A grotesque monster and a human-looking AI that is creepy as hell. Like in other hide-and-seek horror games, if they touch you, it’s game over. While I do wish it touched on the Puppet Masters style story a little more, maybe having some NPCs that you didn’t know if they were the AI or other people. But overall, I enjoyed my time. It was effectively creepy but also makes me pine for a game like the video game adaptation of the 1980s The Thing for PlayStation 2. Be sure to check out Everything Is For Humanity over on Steam and give vanquisher games a follow on Twitter.

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