Justin’s Countdown To Halloween Day Twenty-One: Halloween Is Here!

Happy Halloween! We are here. We made it. When I started with these posts, I wasn’t sure what this last game would be. I went back and forth between a few games that would be the Halloween pick, from Paratopic to Return of the Obra Dinn. But I kept landing on the same game. While I love Return of the Obra Dinn, I knew it had to be…

World Of Horror!

World of Horror is a weird one. Instead of having this set story, it is more along the lines of a roguelike. With the Old Gods reawakening, the end of the world is nigh, and it is up to us to investigate mysteries going on in town. As we unravel the mysteries, the world changes and opens up, leading to more investigations.

The art style in World of Horror is done in this very neat 1-bit style and all done through MS paint. All done in MS paint, but damn, it gets the point across very well and is heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and Junji Ito. There is a lot of Cosmic horror to behold here, with fascinatingly disgusting reveals at almost every turn. The level of detail of the monsters and horrors here is impressive.

The gameplay in World of Horror is that of an old-school first-person RPG. With all your inventory, movement options, dialog choices, and health, everything is always on screen, which can be overwhelming at first but quickly becomes the norm. But each of the ten available mysteries changes things up. For example, the first tutorial mission has you scouring a haunted school, looking for the correct items and symbols to perform a ritual to call upon this terrifying monster to slay. While another one has you searching for a mansion and taking part in a midnight Vigil. 

It is a Roguelike so prepare to die A LOT, but dying is half the fun, and knowing that each step you take could be your last really ratchets up the tension. Mixing that with this ever-moving world clock that builds up to these horrific events makes for one hell of an experience, and this Halloween, you should absolutely play World Of Horror.

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