Portrait of a Murder DLC Descends on Dead by Daylight

“It looks like he was killed by a crow or something!” You can now purchase and play the Portrait of a Murder DLC for Dead by Daylight. See the trailer for yourself on the game’s official YouTube channel.

Carmina Mora is The Artist, a Chilean woman who was saved by a mysterious murder of crows. Her power, Birds of Torment, allows her to summon great Dire Crows and send them to attack Survivors. When charging her Birds of Torment, you can preview the area of effect. Once unleashed, the crows damage Survivors in the flight path. Eventually, they’ll swarm Survivors, revealing their aura until they repel the swarm. If hit by a second bird, the Survivor will take damage. This will offer some interesting intel-gathering options for The Artist. Announced earlier this month, you can check out more about the backstory and lore here.

“Birds have borne a very powerful sense of fear and fascination throughout the history of horror, so The Artist is for us a love letter to the genre. Portrait of a Murder very effectively spurs in Survivors’ minds the distress of being prey to a flock of crows that could peck their flesh away at any instant.”

Dave Richard, Creative Director

Survivor Jonah Vasquez also joins the roster. A Mexican American CIA codebreaker, he has seen numbers his entire life. One particular string has captivated him and led him to a godforsaken boneyard.

Portrait of a Murder DLC The Artist screen
The Artist is a new OG killer with a distinct avian malevolence.

The multiplayer horror game has amassed a large fan following, thanks in part to its numerous crossovers with horror classics such as Silent Hill and Hellraiser. Dead by Daylight will also join the Epic Games Store starting at 11:00 EST on Thursday, December 2. One can purchase the base game, past editions, and all currently-available DLC. The EGS version allows cross-platform play and progression between Steam, Stadia, and the EGS via Behaviour account. Several DLC are on sale now in celebration until December 8. If that isn’t enough, in addition to the Portrait of a Murder DLC, there are some wintry cosmetics available for 1080 Auric Cells each in the in-game store.